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etmusic is a totally online music library and licensing service providing high quality music for use in all kinds of media productions. We offer a comprehensive range of services including bespoke music and sound production, music consultancy, licensing and production music library.
  Music with a jazzy flavour  
B B B - Soulful and funky with a retro vibe.
Blowing Hot Jazz - Exciting and quick paced Jazz fusion track with jazz trill flute taking the lead! Complete with catchy chorus section were piano, deep Hammond organs and flute all work together.
Cool Jam -
Djambo Djambo - Laid back, relaxed and simple Latin inspired track with stabbing guitars and lots of djembe percussion.
Etrax Midnight Sax - smooth jazz
Etrax Sweet 30 - Jazz fusion
Flageolet - Fast paced, energetic, jazzy track with bass, guitar, and drums.
Glide - Relaxed and chilled trip hop with funky Jazz and catchy brass elements.
Hot Club - Smokey and boppy smooth Jazz track with piano, live jazz drums, double-bass and some trumpet licks for good measure.
In Da House - Laid back modern jazz groove with bass solo, keyboards and funky wah guitar.
Jazz Hop - Jazz/Blues track real slow and mellow. Perfect for a lounge or smokey chill bar.
Regal - Up-tempo Acid Jazz with quick wandering double bass, jazz piano and big brass stabs.
The Way - Cool retro vibe with catchy Brass riff, funky guitars, stabby jazz piano and bongo percussion
Vibration - Cool up-tempo Jazz with wandering double-bass and Sharp stabbing piano.
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