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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?
You need to register with us to access all areas of the et music website and in order to download and license tracks. Once registered you can choose to receive regular updates informing you of new additions to our library.

Why do I need a licence to use et music in my production?
All of the music on the et music website is copyright and you need to obtain the relevant permission to use it in any way in your productions. With et music it is a very simple and clear process. You can license your music for a specified production online as you select your music.

How is the cost of the licence calculated?
The cost of the licence depends on how much music you wish to use and how you want to use it. As you go through the licensing process you will be asked to give details about the length of the clip of music (the "cue"), how you intend to exploit the production and in what territories. The cost is automatically calculated for you according to our Schedule of Licence Fees which you can see here.

What are the terms of the licence?
To some extent you "build" your own licence as you go through the process. These terms vary according to the details you give. However certain terms are standard. You can view a specimen licence here..

Do I need any other licences or permission to use the music?
No. On payment of the licence fee you are free to use the music in accordance with the terms of the licence.

How and when is the music delivered to my edit suite?
You can download broadcast quality music files directly and immediately from the website using the link emailed to you after licensing.

Can I obtain further licences on music I have already downloaded?
Yes. Choose your title from the catalogue, define the usage and cue lengths as normal. If you do not wish to download the tracks again, just select “done” on the download page.

What if my intended usage category is not covered in the schedule of fees?
Contact us for help.

What if I need a variation on the terms of the licence?
Contact us for help.

Can I listen to the tracks before I download?
Yes, you can hear a low quality mp3 version of each track in entirety as you browse the library.

How many tracks can I download at once?
As many as you need. However audio files tend to be very large (especially a 5.1 bundle) and so download time may become a problem if you select too many at one visit.

If I use different versions of the same title in a production do I need more than one licence?
No. The different versions and edits are there for your convenience. In fact you can use different et music tracks in a production and combine them into one licence. We just need to know the title of the track and the length of each separate cue.

How do I search the et music library?
You can browse the library by selecting the coloured category bars on the left of the page. Alternatively, if you know what you are looking for you may use the search facility. Enter the title of the piece, if known, or describe the type of track you are looking for. Describe the style eg. rock, funk, dance etc., the tempo - fast/slow upbeat etc., or the instrumentation or general "feel" eg. bright, moody and so on. You can also contact us, we will be happy to assist you in your track selections. 

How do I bookmark a track which I think might be suitable for a particular project?
Just click on the "short-list" option to the right of the track title. That track will be added to your list of possible choices. To review these select "short-list" from the buttons at the top of the page and you will see the list you have created for the current or maybe future projects. The next time you log in you will be able to see which tracks interested you the last time you visited.

Which file format is appropriate for my production?
See "File Formats"  for more information on the types of file offered by et music.

When and how will I receive my licence?
You will receive a copy of the licence and an invoice (or receipt if you choose to pay online) by email as you complete the download and licensing process. Licences and invoices are available for viewing and/or printing in the "Your Account" section. Please remember that the licence is not valid until payment of the invoice is received and the production must not be exploited in any way until then.

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