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Cue sheets
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cue sheets

To complete a cue sheet online please go here

1.     Music Cue Title and ISWC No. - For specially commissioned score music the terms "Opening Music" and "Closing Music" should be used for the main and end titles.  "Into/Out of              Commercials" should be used for passages into and out of the commercial breaks.  "Incidental Music" should be used to describe the background score.
        For non-score pre-existing music the full title should be given.
        ISWC (International Standard Work Code) Numbers are currently being developed by representatives of the international music business community.  When developed they will be unique numbers for musical works similar to the ISBN system for books.  Please contact one of your local collection societies (see below for telephone contacts) for up-to-date details.

2.     Writer(s)/Arranger(s) - Please give the full name(s) in the following format:  Surname, First Name, Middle Name (if applicable).  The name should be followed by a bracketed indicator of the                individual's role using the following codes:
        Composer                      (C)
        Author                            (A)
        Composer/Author         (CA)
        Arranger                        (AR) -  N.B. This is only required when the music is an arrangement of a non-copyright work.
        Should the work be non-copyright document it as such.
        CAE No. is a unique code indicating the identity of a composer, author or publisher.  Please contact one of the collection societies listed below for further information.
3.     Publisher(s) - Please give the full name(s) of the publisher(s).  Where the work is not published indicate with the designation "Unpublished" in the column.
        CAE No. - See Note 2.

4.     Performer(s)/Record/Video Title - Full details to be given.

5.     Catalogue Number - This is the record/video company's in-house number and brand name which will usually be found on the product cover, often on the spine.

6.     International Standard Recording Code - This will also usually be found on the cover of a music video, but in the case of CD's or other commercial digital carriers the ISRC code is embedded in the   recording at the time of mastering and can be read electronically.  If this code is unavailable leave the field on the form blank.

7.     Music Origin Code - These are codes used to indicate the source of the music, as follows:
        P      - Live performance
        C     - Commercially record/tape/cd
        V     - Music Video
        L      - Library Music disc/tape/cd
        X     - Specially commissioned score

8.     Music Use Code - These codes are used to identify featured and background usages.  A musical work is featured when it is opening or closing music, into or out of commercial music, or when the       characters in the film are aware of the music, e.g., juke box music in a bar scene.  It also featured in films wherein the composer or performer of the musical  content forms the subject or one of the     subjects of the film.  A work is considered background in all but the preceding cases.  The codes are:
        B     - Background
        F      - Featured

9.     Music Cue Duration - This should be the exact length of the music cue expressed in minutes and seconds.  Half-seconds should be rounded up to the nearest whole second.

10.   Video Clip Duration - This must be the exact length of the video sequence used, not the duration of music within the sequence, expressed in minutes and seconds.

Further Assistance!
In the first instance the Music Reporting department of the broadcaster or company which has commissioned the film should be contacted with any questions the above guide does not answer.
If, however, more help is required please contact one of the following who will be happy to assist:
PIRS       (Producers Industrial Relations Service) Phone 020 7436 0888, Fax 020 7436 0880.
PRS                        (Performing Right Society) Limited, AudioVisuals   Phone 020 7306 4070, Fax 020 7306 4640.
MCPS    (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) Limited, As per PRS above.
PPL         (Phonographic Performance Limited)  Phone 020 7437 0311 Fax 020 7734 2986.
VPL (Video Performance Limited)  Phone 020 7437 0311 Fax 020 7734 979



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