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etmusic is a totally online music library and licensing service providing high quality music for use in all kinds of media productions. We offer a comprehensive range of services including bespoke music and sound production, music consultancy, licensing and production music library.
We have a range of options to suit all licensing needs and budgets
etmusic online licensing            
  Per second licensing       etmusic online licensing calculates your licence fee at a flat rate of £45 per minute, by the second.      
  Second use licence       Calculated at normal rate plus 50%      
Blanket licences   We offer blanket licences tailored to your requirements, from a per production option for television to unlimited use of etmusic in any type of production for one year.      
  *Monthly terms available*  
  12 months Full Access      

Full access to the etmusic library for one year.


Terms available - please contact us

£ 2000
  TV programmes single episode     Single TV production. Includes advertising, all channels, unlimited transmissions. £ 175

  TV programmes 6 episode     TV series consisting of up to and including 6 episodes . Includes advertising, all channels, unlimited transmissions. £ 750
  TV programmes 7+ episode (per episode)        
£ 100
  Bespoke blanket licence     If you require a variation on our standard blanket licences please fill in the form below for a quote.      
  Production Company :    
  Contact :    
  Contact email :    
  Licence required :    
For fixed period licence :
Please enter for how long you wish to have access to the etmusic library: months    
Please estimate your anticipated music usage in this period:    
  Your main area of production:    
For per Production Licence : Production Title :    
  Production/Episode Duration :    
  Estimated Music Content per episode : minutes Number of episodes :
  Category of Use :    
  Other licence requirements?    
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