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How to use etmusic

etmusic is an on-line production music service providing music specially recorded for use in film, television programmes, promos, advertising and other multimedia and audiovisual productions. All of the music on this site is directly downloadable in a variety of formats and all licensing is completed as you make your selections.

It is a simple, straightforward process and it’s fast..


Once you have registered you have access to the library, licensing and download area of the site. You may browse the library and listen to clips of the tracks. Just click on the library interface at the top of each page and you will be taken to the various sections of the library where you can audition tracks grouped together by style, mood, tempo etc. You can also use the search facility to find tracks by simply entering a description.

Using the “Shortlist” button you can add tracks to a shortlist for a project or highlight them for a future project to be revisited later. You may also download a low quality version of the full track for demonstration purposes only.

When you have selected your tracks you simply follow through the on-line procedure to let us know what music you need and how you intend to use it. These details enable us to issue you with the correct licence and calculate the fee payable.


You can choose to pay your licence fee online or if you prefer to open an account with etmusic we will invoice you by email. We have three completely online and automatic systems to allow you to pay your licensing fees:

  • An online 'per second' licensing system calculates your licence fee by the second, at £45 per minute. After completing this process, you will either pay online, or be invoiced by email, depending which choice you made when registering.
  • Several blanket licences are available, ranging from a single television episode licence to unrestricted use of the library for up to a year. The blanket licences available can be viewed here.

The licence to use the music and the invoice will be sent to the  billing address in your account profile by email. Please remember - the licence is not valid until etrax has received payment.


That done, the track will be available for download in the format you request.

You can download broadcast quality music files directly and immediately from the website. Links to the downloads are emailed to you and remain active for 24 hours after your visit.


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