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etmusic is a totally online music library and licensing service providing high quality music for use in all kinds of media productions. We offer a comprehensive range of services including bespoke music and sound production, music consultancy, licensing and production music library.





Formerly known as etrax, ETMusic provides everything you need for sourcing and licensing the right piece of music for use in your productions.

We have a comprehensive catalogue of high quality music categorised and ready for download in various file formats to suit your own requirements. Our team of composers is constantly adding new material.

Search, Shortlist, License, Download - So easy with etmusic and it can all be done in a single visit. If you know what you want, you can license and download your music in less than a couple of minutes.

Recommendations - We know our catalogue better than anyone! You don't have to trawl through thousands of tracks. Tell us what you need and we will come up with a selection of suggestions specifically for you, based on your brief.

Blanket licensing - An even simpler and more convenient way to license your music is to purchase a blanket licence. You have access to the etmusic library for a fixed period or for a certain production depending on which option you choose. Any music you use during that period is covered for any use, forever, worldwide.

Live online help - Any problems and we are contactable live online, by email or by phone.

Our services are available 24/7

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